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This package provides hyperparameter tuning for mlr3. It offers various tuning methods e.g. grid search, random search and generalized simulated annealing and different termination criteria can be set and combined. AutoTuner provides a convenient way to perform nested resampling in combination with mlr3. The package is build on bbotk which provides a common framework for optimization.



Install the last release from CRAN:


Install the development version from GitHub:



## Loading required package: paradox

task = tsk("pima")
learner = lrn("classif.rpart")
resampling = rsmp("holdout")
measure = msr("classif.ce")

# Create the search space with lower and upper bounds
learner$param_set$values$cp = to_tune(0.001, 0.1)
learner$param_set$values$minsplit = to_tune(1, 10) 

# Define termination criterion
terminator = trm("evals", n_evals = 20)

# Create tuning instance
instance = TuningInstanceSingleCrit$new(
  task = task,
  learner = learner,
  resampling = resampling,
  measure = measure,
  terminator = terminator)

# Load tuner
tuner = tnr("grid_search", resolution = 5)

# Trigger optimization
##        cp minsplit learner_param_vals  x_domain classif.ce
## 1: 0.0505       10          <list[3]> <list[2]>  0.1953125